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Selling Out is Popular

voice of albion popularBy Andrew Gruffudd


One of the reasons the Voice of Albion is perhaps not as popular as the dailies of Fleet Street is that we don't kow-tow to fashion.

We give you the facts, as we see them, rather than the truth you might like to hear.

We don't follow fashions - we set them - and the…

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Taking the Mick

By Dylan Ifans ap Iorwerth

voice of albion televisionMy internet connection is an absolute abomination.

I'm with Vodafone, 'though I suspect not for much longer, and the Broadband service I have been "enjoying" for the last few months has been as questionable as Tom Pepper's oath.

This, however, gives me a very usef…

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All That Jazz

by Tabitha Hergest


It's okay coming from a human, cheeky when performed by a baboon, but inanimate objects such as cars don't perform well on the grinning front.

The point, it seems, is that grinning is a voluntary act, an act expressing pleasure.  You know when someone is happy b…

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Big Business - a Marvel, or a Monster?

Governments worldwide are always prating about how big business is an essential part of the economy, how the country couldn't operate without it and how nothing of any great import could ever get done.

To a point, they are right: big business is essential for stability, being better able to withsta…

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Carnage in Paris

At least three terrorist outrages flared in Paris yesterday afternoon as masked men with AK47 machine-guns stormed a cafe on the 10th Arrondisement, a theatre and a bar near the Stade de Paris, where a game between France and Germany was taking place.

Unconfirmed reports from police officials who…

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